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Hard Punishment Spanking's Latest Spanking : Adult Student Spanked As Punishment !
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Laura decided to go back to school and finish up her diploma where she left off when she quit school. The problem is that her study habits haven't changed and she is still the same smart mouthed student as she always had been..

The difference is that now that she is an adult the teacher has no problem with administering some serious corporal punishment when she disrupts his class. He calls her up the the front of the class, shames her and orders her to drop her pants before he delivers a hard punishment spanking with a ruler in front of the whole class! See the whole hard punishment spanking..


Steve Punishes His Cheating Wife With A Hard OTK Spanking
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Steve is a traveling salesman that has to spend many nights away from home. Not only does it make him lonely but it also makes him horny as hell. So, when he arrived home early from a trip and found his wife naked and waiting for her lover he went into a rage. All he could do was give his wife the hardest spanking of her life. The problem is that she loved the spanking and it turned into an erotic punishment! See the whole hard punishment spanking..


Kelly Is Given A Hard Punishment Spanking At Work
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When Kelly started her college internship at the local newspaper she had no idea just how seriously the editor took his job. When she messed up and quoted the wrong person in an article her bent her over his desk and gave her a hard punishment spanking with a ruler. See the whole hard punishment spanking..


Wife Spanked Hard With Hair Brush By Her Husband
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Debbie hasn't been putting out and her husband is sick of having to jerk off in the bathroom every night before bed. So when she teases him in a skimpy nightie he loses control and pulls her over his knee for a hard punishment spanking. She didn't seem to be minding it too much until he pulled out her hair brush and used that to spank her bare bottom !. See the whole hard punishment spanking..

When a woman is bad she knows she needs to be punished.

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