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Trevor's white girlfriend may look petite and cute but she is super mouthy and just won't do what Trevor tells her to do. He knows it is time to show her who is boss by giving her white ass a hard spanking.

She kicks and screams but by the time his heavy black hand has spanked her pale white ass hard enough to make it glow she was begging for more! See the whole interracial spanking..


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Glenda is always horny but her black husband and master ordered her never to have an orgasm when he wasn't around. When he walked in on her rubbing her clit through her jeans he was so angry that he threw her down on the bed, pulled down her jeans and gave her old white ass a strict interracial spanking ! See the whole interracial spanking..


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Greg can't help himself. Whenever he sees Kelly's meaty black booty he just has the urge to take her over his knee and spank her black ass until she is begging to have his white cock deep inside !. See the whole interracial spanking..


Black Basketball Player Spanks Blonde Cheerleader
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Sally is a college cheerleader that dreams of being a cheerleader for a professional basketball team. So, when she meets a famous basketball player at a local bar she does her best to get him to take her home for a slightly different kind of ball game. What she didn't' know was that this big black guy was really into bdsm and bondage and she wasn't going to get out of there without having her tight white ass given a hard interracial spanking. See the whole interracial spanking..

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